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The only way to examine the precision SCS Wire provides its customers is to view it through greatly magnified imagery, using specialized equipment. SCS Wire is pleased to present Wireman MicroViews of some of his most challenging projects. Also included are works of interest that might help you in specifying a current or new job.

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.001 SS inch wire If we can see it, we can straighten it
.001 inch SS wire | Even at 40X magnification .001 inch stainless steel looks small. We have straightened and cut several alloys to various lengths.
.002 x .020 inch wire Smallest pin supplied to date
.002 x .020 inch wire | Here is one of the smallest pins precision cut at SCS Wire. Our advice is not to sneeze. You could lose half a days work.
.011 x .033 inch SS wire A small pin, but not the smallest we have supplied
.011 x .033 inch SS wire | One of many different precision cut small pins.
Precision cutting Our systems do not use cams to control cutting operations
Precision cutting | It takes a microscope to see the slight variations in cut length produced by Wireman custom-built straightening and cutting systems.
Precious metals Gold and platinum: two of many precious metals processed
Precious metals | Customers are concerned about the effect straightening and cutting has on precious metal surfaces. Special SCS systems are used on soft or precious metals, eliminating surface abrasion and deformation.
Teflon coated SS wire The low coefficient of friction does not effect our process
Teflon coated SS wire | Slippery surface Teflon coated SS is essential in many medical applications. One challenge is to keep wire from pulling out of a plastic tab molded on one end. One suggestion is to crimp a "W" shape.
Flat wire Odd Shapes? No Problem
Flat wire and more | .01 x 0.1 x .125 inch may look odd. Not really. You are looking at only one of many shapes we straighten and cut.

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Deburring Micro Multiple Mechanical Metal Machining
Deburring | Stated more simply, deburring. A square end cut does not work in all applications. Deburring adds a small radius to the wire pin ends. We also offer chamfering for long cut lengths.
Flat and twisted Example of multiple continuous operations
Flat and twisted wire | Cost savings are achieved by combining multiple operations in one pass. Shown here: flattening, twisting and straightening. A customer may specify alloy, dimensions and number of twists per inch.
End grind wire One of many end shapes possible
End grind | One of many industries we supply wire blanks to is the manufacturers of electronic test equipment. Very straight wire is required for the grinding operation.
Torsion straight wire Endless straightening, non-stop spool to spool
Torsion straight wire | Many customers request straight wire on a spool or in coil form. SCS Wire provides continuous lengths of precision straight wire ready for fourslides or other continuous feed applications.
Lapidary drills You find SCS straight wire in the most unusual places
Lapidary drills | People often ask,"Who needs straight wire?" An example in the hobby arena is the lapidary drill. Diamond dust is plated on the tip of wire which has the ability to drill through the hardest stones.
Chemical etching Precision straightening is essential for uniform results
Chemical etching | A cross section view of .012 inch SS after etching an hour glass shape.

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